Name Tags

Name Tags for your business

No matter what business you’re in, we’re in the business of helping you, put your best foot forward!  Corporate, hospitality, transport, travel, fitness, medical, financial industries can all benefit from a name badge.

When customers, clients and prospects meet your staff, wouldn’t it be great to have a way to break the ice?  A name badge can help build valuable relationships quicker at a crowded noisy event, shop, café or gym.

People will remember your name easier because they’ve seen it on your name badge during the conversation. (And you don’t have to yell over the noise to make your name clearly understood).

Business industry and networking events can be highly competitive give your staff the edge by providing them with a simple name badge and make them more memorable to prospects. Contact us today.

Name tags advantages:

  • Professional Image don’t bother with clumsy disposable name tags again
  • Lightweight
  • Durable, weather resistant
  • Highly legible
  • Customise with your logo and brand typeface
  • Matching style to your business card remember its good practice to keep your brand consistent
  • Matching style to your event banners and brochures

Professional friendly appearance

A name badge shows people, that you’re here to communicate and discuss their requirements. It allows your staff to appear more approachable to prospects.

If you’re in the restaurant, finance or transport business, it shows you’re open and transparent, happy to hear feedback, and customers can address staff by name.

Name badge options:

  • Magnet attachment minimise the risk of damage to delicate fabrics
  • Pin attachment secure, classic
  • Clip attachment quick and easy to use
  • Full-colour print
  • Gloss or Satin finishes
  • Metallics and special colours
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Choose your backing, black or white

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